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We provide equipment in many different kick darts sizes in and after its recent success, the game is becoming increasingly popular across the UK.

The practicality of a game that size is one of the main selling points of KickDarts and we always make sure that you can get the most out of the KickDarts facility. Our game is perfect for a range of different events including celebration parties.

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We supply blow up products for soccer darts which is a sport which is quickly becoming loved by both children and adults. To play this the gamers set up a huge air-inflated footballdarts board that's covered with Velcro, softballs can then be kicked.

The score is counted by the placement that the ball lands on the board, similar to a regular darts game.

Simply by combining football with darts, this kind of activity concentrates on lovers of each sporting activities and brings them together to perform a very entertaining sport.

There are a range of foot darts for sale. For more information on local football darts and the costs please don't hesitate to contact our specialist team via the provided enquiry box as this will allow you to ask any questions you are still unsure on.

Our team have an abundance of past experience and can offer you a great deal of information to ensure that yo'are fully filled in on all of our information.

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Kick Darts Dimensions Sizes

The football-darts game closest to you could be carried out in a competitive nature as well as for fun outside games. It is common for celebrations to have an air-inflated footdart board to enable individuals to take part in outdoor activities.

For a more competitive activity, gamers could choose to keep score and take part in team events to make it much more interesting.

There are many design choices and kickdarts dimensions sizes options accessible in relation to blow up KickDarts products. We would love to talk to you about the various kinds of inflatables on offer with this sport, so feel free to contact us now.

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Foot Darts Best Buys

If you are looking to purchase a Foot Darts board right away, check out the SAYOK 3m Inflatable Football Darts Board.

For more information on the kick darts board, click here.

10ft x 10ft Foot Darts Board Near Me

When looking to buy an inflatable dartboard you may want to consider the 10 foot x 10ft darts-board. The 10 foot x 10 giant inflatable kick darts sizes are the smallest of the range. Numerous functions may rent or purchase soccerdarts so that individuals of various age groups may be a part of a brand-new sport.

We are able to provide the equipment for this sport to use for things like kids’ celebrations, company events, nursery fun days and local community fairs. Kids and parents alike can have fun using this foot-darts equipment and actively playing the soccer darts activities. This footdarts dartboard is usually supplied to clients who don't have the space or finance available to purchase the larger board.

This is great as it ensures that you are able to save costs yet still have just as much fun as you would with a larger sized dartboard.

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12ft x 12ft Kick Dart Board

The 12ft x 12 feet kick dart board equipment is good for kids and children. The originality behind footie-darts is a big reason for the achievements of these products. FootDarts have gone viral across social media including Facebook and Twitter, as a number of people have an interest in using the game.

With lots of social shares, the products are becoming increasingly popular. 12 foot is a great size for everyone who does not play football as much as others. This is because it is large enough to be hit by the ball kicked by anyone. If you are interested in more info on 12 feet x 12 feet footballdarts, please contact our team using the contact box provided.

15ft x 15ft Football Darts Board Nearby

The 15 foot x 15 feet football darts-board is a popular choice in schools and leisure centres in the UK. In relation to participating in the game as well as putting up the products, it is quite simple to get started. Firstly you inflate the products including the dartboard and if required the balls.

Next mark an appropriate place to start to kick the softball from. Gamers can then begin the activity by kicking the ball at the darts board. We advise buying the activity as opposed to hiring it because this has lots of benefits.

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18ft x 18ft Kick Darts Board Near Me

The 18 foot x 18 foot football dartboards are a large piece of equipment. The most common seller these are very popular. The game does not need to be played competitively and can be played between friends in a more friendly game.

This is another great benefit of KickDarts as you can decide if you want to tally the score and make it a competitive game or not. 18 foot is a very common choice in comparison to our other inflatable boards as it is a suitable size for everyone playing the game regardless of skill or footballing ability. For more information on 18 x 18 kickdarts board, please complete our enquiry form.

23ft x 23ft Kick Darts Board

This huge 23ft x 23ft footdarts option is absolutely massive. The giant inflatable dart board is great for those who are looking to play with lots of people. It is not for the faint-hearted and a professional specification designed for adults and sports clubs. By choosing this dartboard, you will be receiving a humongous board that will be enjoyable to everyone.

The larger the dartboard, the easier for everyone to play. This is usually bought by someone who plans to play FootDarts regularly to ensure that everyone has fun. You can buy these soccer-darts boards at reasonable prices by using our team. 23 x 23 kick-darts board is the biggest of our giant inflatable football dart-board selection.

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Inflated Foot Darts Measurements

The expenses for delivery and also setting up the giant velcro dart board normally makes renting it costlier. We're able to modify our designs and specifications to meet your inflated foot darts measurements requirements and price range. Also, you will be able to move the ball closer or further away from the footballdarts board as you are the one who makes the rules.

However, most KickDarts are usually played with the same rules as a normal darts game as this will allow the players to tally up their score to play competitively. For more details on the giant velcro soccer dart board and velcro soccer balls, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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We have a number of velcro soccer darts for sale in surrounding areas. If you would like more information on where to buy foot darts along with kick darts sizes please make sure you get in touch with our specialist team.

They have dealt with numerous clients in the past and can use this experience to assist you in finding all of the different information you require in cluding info about the set-up Feel free to ask any questions you are still unsure on as we are always here to help answer these in a response that you will receive as soon as possible. 

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